ShanghaiTech is a new STEAM research university located in the midst of Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park in Shanghai, China. We encourage and strive to build a university environment powered by innovation, open-mindedness, and exploration. Our students are active and take initiative to help ShanghaiTech grow into an internationally-renowned research university.

Founded in 2013 by the Shanghai Municipal Government in partnership with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, ShanghaiTech is proud of its student-centered educational approach which allows students to grow and develop both academically and personally during their academic career. With a goal of nurturing China’s future scientists, entrepreneurs and inventors, ShanghaiTech admits top ranking students from around China. In 2017, 355 undergrad first year students, 458 Master’s students and 200 PhD students were admitted. In the future, the undergraduate student body will reach 2,000 and the graduate student body will reach 4,000.

ShanghaiTech welcomes visiting international students to take part in their Summer Research Lab Project. Since 2015, 13 international students have researched at ShanghaiTech over the summer.  Applications can be found in the Global page of this website. 

Undergraduate Admissions Process

ShanghaiTech’s unique undergraduate admissions process is designed to select top students whose personal strengths match their academic excellence.  ShanghaiTech invites prospective students to visit the school for Campus Assessment Days, held every year for a week in June. During Campus Assessment Days, visiting high school students get a chance to experience ShanghaiTech up close, while the admissions team has a chance to evaluate them in person on their well-roundedness and problem-solving skills. The prospective students are assessed on their participation in writing assignments, self-introductions, group projects and face-to-face interviews. 

First Undergraduate Commencement Ceremony
Target number of Undergraduate and Graduate Students
of ShanghaiTech graduate students come from top 38 Chinese universities
of Master's Degree graduates are pursuing their PhD at ShanghaiTech, CAS Institutes or other Universities

Graduate Admissions

Incoming graduate students are expected to excel at independent and innovative research and later on many found their own start-up companies or work in technical and management positions in high-tech industries. From 2017, ShanghaiTech independently recruits graduate students from some of the top schools around China, including BeiDa, Tsinghua, Fudan and ZheDa. 70-80% of ShanghaiTech graduate students come from China’s top-ranking 39 universities. 89% of ShanghaiTech’s first graduating class of master’s degree students are now working for top national or multi-national companies including Microsoft, Pfizer, Huawei, ZTE, China Aerospace Group, Alibaba, SMIC, Baidu, United Imaging, and Wuxi PharmaTech. 11% chose to pursue their PhD at top universities abroad.